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If the resolution or plan is amended or supplemented after Form 966 is filed file another Form 966 within 30 days after the amendment or supplement is adopted. The additional form will be sufficient if the date the earlier form was filed is entered on line 11 and a certified copy of the amendment or supplement is attached. Include all information required by Form 966 that was not given in the earlier form. Who Must File A corporation or a farmer s cooperative must file Form 966 if it adopts a...
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1 Amended return. 13 12.2 Statement of adjustments or additions to basis. 14 13.1 Special items. 15 14.1 Expenses of an estate. 16 14.1.1 Estates over 5,000,000. 17 14.1.2 Estates over 1,000,000. 18 14.1.3 In excess of 5,000,000; or 19 14.2 Income tax on estates over 2,000,000 or in excess of 1,000,000. 20 15.1 Interest earned or capital gains taxes on gain on investment property. 21 15.2 Other taxation of capital gains and dividends. 22 21.1 Exemptions from income tax. ? 23 21.2 Certain taxes not exempt. 24 21.3 Exemptions for foreign corporations. 25 21.4 Exemption of certain dividends from domestic corporations. 26 21.5 Exemption of certain rents or royalties. 27 21.6 Exemption of certain payments made with respect to bonds, mortgages, and other obligations issued by the United States. 28 21.7 Exemption of certain payments made with respect to the payment and exchange of currency, and other payment or exchange services. 29 21.8 Exemption of certain payments made with respect to the payment and exchange of securities, obligations of the United States or of the United States agencies, or notes issued by certain foreign governments. 10.3. Deductions for charitable contributions: Business owners and their immediate families (defined as spouse and minor children) may deduct 5% of contributions to eligible organization that are made directly to the organization and that are otherwise treated as charitable contributions (and not to other qualifying organizations), by a qualified nonprofit organization (as defined in Section 509 of the Internal Revenue Code) for the purposes of contributing to (or redeeming or exchange with an associated qualifying organization: see Internal Revenue Code section 509).
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Hey there YouTube so in this video I wanted to cover the IRS form 966 this is the form for corporate dissolution or liquidations so if you have a US corporation, so this is a let's say a regular corporation for-profit corporation informed under state law or if you have an LLC that filed an election to be taxed as a c-corp if you close down that entity you will need to file this form 966 within 30 days after you adopt a plan or resolution to close down the company, so I want to run through the form the various elements and the things you need to include with it just to make sure you're doing this as correctly as possible, so the top of the form is relatively straightforward right we have the name of the corporation uh here obviously I've got a fake company fake Delaware company inc not a real business so don't use this uh the mailing address for the company the for the company and the type of return we're filing right, so this is a standard c corp return so 1120 if you have an s corporation that's being dissolved you would...
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